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Who is The Craft? 

 We could say the designers we teach work at Linkedin, Porsche, Asana, Microsoft and Zendesk. But we’d rather use this white space to tell who you we are and why we exist.

The Craft is a practical school bridging the gap betweeen theory and the real world. We're breaking the rules and setting new standards. Forget the status quo, we’re creating a new reality.

We’ll give it to you like it is and help you pursue a career that represents your ideals. Whether your interest is accessibility, design systems, sustainability, diversity, or well-being, we’re here to manifest it.

“I couldn’t have done this without The Craft. You can tell the instructors genuinely care about the students and they love their career.”


Our blog is a treasure trove of design insights. Not your stereotypical reading material. 

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 We're not your average design school. We're breaking the rules and setting new standards. 💥

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