About The Craft


The Craft is a global leader in design education. We're not here to adhere to the norms, we're here to create a new standard.

Our Mission 

The Craft's mission is to redefine "UX" education, making it accessible, fun, and downright badass. Everyone deserves a chance to learn damn good design.

We empower Product Designers by providing real-world-oriented courses and personalized coaching that accelerate their careers and nurture them into their highest potential.

We're creating a generation of visionary designers for the future of technology and the planet.   

The Craft's Story

The Craft started as a a side hustle and turned into a full blown company working with designers and tech companies. We do client work, online courses, coaching, and more. 

Who we are


A network of designers, entrepreneurs, researchers, teachers, and more, who are passionate about using their work to drive positive change and make a lasting difference in the world.

Nice to meet you!

Our Founder

Meet Sera Tajima, Founder and Principal Designer of The Craft with about 10 years of experience working with tech startups to bring their ideas to life. She has a track record of success in creating human-centric products that help companies grow, such as Webflow, BetterUp, Zendesk and more.

Sera is also the creator of The Craft's courses and a new UX bootcamp to help individuals upskill in the latest design methodologies.

Whether you're a startup looking to launch your product or a student looking to evolve, Sera has the expertise and experience to help you succeed.

Sera smiling and holding a notepad and sharpie
Designers looking at a computer screen


As a design led company, we live by our core values. Yes, even when it comes to business!

1. Anything can be a design problem. 

2. We create and build trust with transparency.

3. Calculated risks help us achieve our goals.

4. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

5. Advance with a growth mindset.

6. Emotion plays a central role in creation.

Social Responsibility 

We design products and processes in a way that takes into account the needs and well-being of people, both within the company and in the larger community. This include designing for diversity, community involvement, and ethical business practices.


We minimize the environmental impact of our work and advise our clients on how to follow suit. We do so by focusing on limiting energy consumption, minimizing waste, using eco-friendly materials, and considering the entire lifecycle of a product. 


We are driven by a strategic and scientific approach to building products. We hypothesize, test, and use data to inform the direction of the product in order to create sustainable growth and future-proof the company. 


Sera, Founder

Yuki, Executive Assistant

Kharina, Product Marketing

Mark Pham, Coach

Jeremy Lu, Coach

Rachel Cuvillier, Coach

Abbigail Rose, Career Services

Kuma, Team Therapist

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