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Tanner Christensen

Product Designer, Netflix

"A few design leaders worth following: 

Sera Tajima has set out to help designers with The Craft and it's apparent she's taking everything she's learned in her career and opening it up for others to benefit from."

Tim McCoy

Director of Design, Zendesk

"Sera is one of the most thoughtful UX designers I’ve come across in a long while. Her insights are consistently on point and her methodology thorough yet flexible. She’s got a terrific work ethic, great communication style, and an eye for detail."

Evelyn Kim

VP Design, BetterUp 

"Sera brought the capability to drive process, leadership, and decision making; she was clear and confident. She was very proactive in communicating to the team. She did not need oversight; she would identify what needed to be addressed and fix it."

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